Friday, January 22, 2010

Humphrey's Birthday Special

I run at full speed 95% of the time and that means I forget to do things from time to time. I had plans to order a beautiful selection of dog themed books for the shop. A collection of books , in honor of Humphrey's birthday {my Yorkie}. However this past Sunday I relized , I had missed out on ordering them in time for delivery by his birthday. That brings me to HiHo's hero of the week, Amy, my book rep, she put together a wonderful order of books with me. She arrived in the snow, Sunday afternoon and made it happen.
The books arrived today, everyone I selected, BRAVO, Amy!!!! Each one more beautiful than the next and with a vintage flare.
The Best Dog In The World, is a book we sold through the holiday season and couldn't keep on the shelf.

Shaggy Muses, has short stories of dogs that inspired writers the likes of , Virgina Woolf.
The list goes on....and in the spirit of a Birthday Party Weekend each one of these books is 10% off all weekend.
We have never discounted new arrivals before like this, but then again Humphrey has never been seven before. Be sure to stop by for a cupcake this weekend....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Lights are On

The light of my life turns me on....whoops, I mean the windows at HiHo are now illuminated. Mr. HiHo spent two/three days lighting up my world, and the front of HiHo. Didn't I say it all starts at the windows?
Once the Christmas lights came down it was clear we were going to have to do something about outdoor night lighting for the building.
Supplies were purchased, the weather was suppose to be in the high 30's to 40's, the time was now. Of course the project was more of a project than planned, (what one isn't?) the one day projected installation turned into three.
The days were cooler than the weather channel had said, lots of wind yesterday, and the 40's were never in the picture.
However HiHo looks amazing at night, just like Mr. HiHo says "just like Macy's" HA!

Yup, Mr. HiHo once again lite up my you honey, thanks :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Transitional or is it Just Everyday

It all starts in the windows....what will you find inside? This time of year is known as "transitional" in the land of retailers. Big box stores are compelled to push last seasons merchandise out the doors, claiming deep discounts. However we know it's still winter, who are they fooling. I'm not ready to buy tee shirts yet or the leftover- shop worn sweaters from Christmas. I'm sure you're not either. I say feature true blue know the ones we need. It's cold, dry, grey and everyone deserves better.
That's why I have been working now just as hard, if not harder than I did preparing for the holiday season. Some how it seems more challenging than ever to reinvent the shop for the new year.
It's hard to resist the urge to proclaim Spring....It's sorta like when the big box stores proclaim Christmas before Halloween.
I have restrained myself and I'm celebrating winter in the colors and textiles of the season. What better way to do this than to showcase are Classic HiHo products???

Just like in your home we have taken down the holiday decorations and we are not getting the Easter baskets out.
Yes, it's sad packing the holiday away until next year, but there is something about a stripped clean house. You know, uncluttered, feeling refreshed....a true blue simplified version of home. Transitional? it's called, calm and embracing the season. It's why so many love this time of year.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Heidi's Hint

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