Monday, August 25, 2008

catching up

A wise customer told me for every one day away from work it takes two days to catch up. I have been home from the New York Home & Gift show a week ago Tuesday evening and I'm still not feeling on top of my game. The show was huge, hard work, fun, inspiring and exhausting. I will be sure to post pictures of products purchased at the show as they arrive. For now I have been preparing to launch the web site, working on newsprint ads, recreating the HiHo lady logo and sketching new signage for the parking lot side of the building. I also have been lining up vendors/dealers for our upcoming tent event. I'm planning a booth for the event that will benefit Gardiner's animal rescue along with working on a press release. Like so many of the woman in my life, often I feel like a one man band. Balancing family,a home,community involvement and work, this shot of Ellen says it all. I will continue my attempt to catch up, however sometimes the shop sets a pace of it's own and I'm just along for the ride. It's an exciting time of year as the seasons change along with the HiHo displays.