Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Going to a Party!

It's Sares birthday and she has invited us to come to her party. She has requested that her guests wear their very best. I prefer classic black and white for this type of occasion. But, I still need help narrowing it down. Here are my picks...
This first may not be formal enough...I know Sares is expecting the Queen and I had this Balenciaga fitted in 1951 to join in a celebration at the palace ( if I remember correctly... It was one of her boring lunch and crumpet things) guess I really shouldn't be seen by the Queen wearing the same frock!( I don't know which closet the hat is in anyway) The second is a Balenciaga too, from 1961. I wore it on a memorable evening in France. The young and dashing Frank Sinatra sang the night away at a friends villa. This last Balenciaga, I adore. I wore it in 1954... a night of theater and dining in Manhattan. When Erroll Flynn gave me a second look I knew the dress was to become one of my favorites. However the coat does get in the way when dancing...Oh, what to do? How I do love an open back with a party hat....I think the second dress it is. Now to find my gloves...

Thank you for having me to your party Sares...You can swing by and wish Sares a Happy Birthday too, just click her party button in my sidebar.

Many Happy Returns Of The Day !

I had planned a bit more for the post, but the internet at the house was lost yesterday in a storm. Was told it could be days. I luckly had started my party post Sunday evening. I am posting from the shop in my PJ's on dail up. ( now I need to run home and get my dress on before midnight!!)