Sunday, April 26, 2009


I don't know when it happened but I am now one of those people who are never on time. You know wet hair, missing the important sheet of paper, don't have a pen, my child is waiting alone with a look on their face, the gas tank is on E, I remember friends birthdays but don't get a card off till a week or two later, I push things off till the last minute and I always have the feeling I'm forgetting something.
Maybe it's the laundry that hasn't made it to the dryer, the leftovers that are turning green in the fride, the phone call I was suppose to return, the change for the register...(I'm out of singles again), the kid I need to pick up or the meat I left in the freezer? I can't be the only one who has transformed into the one who's always late? I have let my hair go so long people think I'm going for a new look. I just keep forgetting to call to make an appointment. Well listen to me...hmmm, my life is rich and full with loved ones (both friends and family) and I'm worried about being late. Not really I just want to say if your waiting for a birthday card from me it's coming, RSVPs are coming too, thank you notes are weighing heavy on my mind and on the list, if your out of clean socks they are in the dryer, if your wondering where all the Tupperware went I threw it out it got fuzzy, I need to borrow a pen at auction and at meetings, and for crying out loud remind me if I'm suppose to pick you up after school. I love you all very much and would like to be on time.... but I'm up too late blogging. Sharing my rich full life with more friends that will have to put up with my tardiness. For being late is part of who I am at this stage of my life. " My name is, Heidi and I'm always late."