Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Promise of Tomorrow

The promise that tomorrow will be better, bigger and business will grow. That's what real entrepreneurs believe. The last of the dying breed of optimists, small business owners. I try to surround myself with these dreamers. Not entrepreneurs that are in business because their personalities don't allow them to work with others, but with brave soles who follow a calling to share their talents and work doing what they love. I'm lucky to have such friends. Some close and here at hand and some through online social networking, all inspiring.
Isabella of Isabella's Treasures , Dirk & Elizabeth of Gunk Haus , Deb of Retreat, these are just a few. You ask why I'm I mentioning these businesses....because their businesses are their worlds, like HiHo is to me and my family. I wanted to make the point that business is personal, very personal to small business owners. The next time you drive past farm stands to buy produce at the super market, pass green houses to get mulch at a big box store, make reservations at a chain restaurant, travel miles to the closest mall to buy a gift....I want you to think about these people. Slow down and think. What do I need and can I get it from someone right here? Someone right here that will be grateful for your business, will remember you and won't ask you to swipe your own credit card and put your purchase in a non recyclable getting my point??

We have all heard of the 3/50 Project, but even the best campain starts to glaze over after a while. Fifty dollars spread over three businesses locally each week. I know you can do it.....promise me ;) OK?