Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mixing & Shaking It Up!

Pushed forward with starting the Fall displays today. I'm really late in doing so, even the weather has been trying to remind me that Fall is on the way. With so much going on, Whitney leaving for school, Everett's birthday tomorrow (which is really today now), throwing myself into the world of social networking, auctions, and gearing up for HiHo's Fifth Annual Tent Event it's not a surprise that I looked around and it's September, or is it?? These are shots of my first attempts of Fall 2009. They were all taken in the main room/Headliner of HiHo. I decided to go with a honey theme in this room, using yellows and rich golds mixed with pops of black. I'm still waiting for knit throws in shades of oatmeal, ceramic kitty's and oodles of fun home accessories to arrive.
But I will be ready to unpack them and put them out in our fresh Fall displays when they arrive.....even if I have to do and all nighter next week.

I'm just so excited about this years Tent Event, I want the shop to look better than ever!