Saturday, March 14, 2009

PINK SHOP SATURDAY and a carnival...

Well as promised this week the pinks are all current items on sale at HiHo. I tried to take shots from a lot of different rooms of the shop, I thought it would be more interesting. This first picture was taken with fellow pinkie Jeanne in mind. Be sure to visit her blog at especially if you love Poodles. These pink cast iron Poodle bookends have a great retro look, we have other breeds too. But not in pink... Sometimes, I'm very lucky and get an old item that has never been used. These brand new in the box His and Hers pink towels are from the 60's. The pink roses peeking out from behind are the graphics from the top of the box.

Hand painted and in very good condition this framed Lion's Club honor roll has the most charming pink boarder.

I like to imagine the father that handed out the new cigars from this pink box.

I let Humphrey pick his favorite pinks from the shop too. A pretty pink food dish, a pink vintage squeaky dog toy and a friend who doesn't bark sitting on a pink pillow.

To continue having fun take a look at Beverly's blog...

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HiHo Carnival Parade

It's a very exciting Saturday when we can celebrate with a Parade!!!

So lets make some noise for Lisa Kettel of Carnival Soiree for she and many other blogging wonders have joined to make today magical.

On with the show!All the fun happens after I go home and the shop comes alive... These marching friends live at HiHo waiting for a new home....

they gather, dance and march in delight....

...pausing for spectators....

...even the stars come out!!

...and then they finish with a ride on the Carousel and a cookie. That must be why I'm always finding crumbs on the rug...hmmm.


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