Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Robin

My Dad has a tale he tells about Spring...he says the first Robin you see of the season is a sign of your prosperity for the year. I was reminded of this about a week ago when admiring a blog post that had lovely picture of a Robin featured.
The tale goes something like this...a Robin viewed in flight means a very wealthy year. A Robin in a tree is a pretty good sign too. Well you can tell where this is going, a Robin on the ground, hmmm, not so good. So every year in the Spring I gaze upwards as much as possible. I do believe in this way of predicting the years wealth, because the year my first Robin was in flight I did make some money. I think that was in the 80's, (didn't everyone have money then?) Anyway... Last years Robin was hopping on the ground, ( I waited till it took flight, I figured it couldn't hurt). The year was good but did have ups and downs.
OK, that brings us to this week. I still had not seen my first Robin of this Spring as of Friday, so I was diligently viewing upward when ever I was out and about. Remember I do believe in this stuff... My Dad is half Black Foot Indian and some how it doesn't seem that far fetched to think of it as a reasonable way to predict the year. Friday evening I hurried out to the high school for a function and...turned the corner...and what did I see...Robin road kill.

I'm no longer a believer!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Pink Chair

I think it was 1995 when I purchased this chair.(correction...1989 is more like it) It was a matching set, couch and chair. Our living room at the time was too small for the love seat. This chair has been with us for all the important moments. The babies first pictures as they arrived home, snuggles before bed, the two o'clock feedings, late nights waiting for teenagers, Christmas mornings, kittens, puppies, Birthdays, even the unexpected sour stomach ( if you know what I mean). The couch has been replaced just this year, but I couldn't give up this comfortable chair. I'm surprised that I have become sentimental about a chair. Me... the one that buys and sells furniture nearly everyday.

The small table behind the chair was an auction find for the shop. I decided it had to come home before someone bought it and I had regret. I'm usually pretty good about resisting, however the table is perfect for the room. As promised, here are some more pieces from my personal Hull collection. Kitchen pieces, mixing bowls and casseroles.

Be sure to check in on Beverly's blog to join in on all the pink posts, just click the pink Saturday picture on the side bar.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thinking Outside the Shop

I continue to search for new ways to show case merchandise in front of the store. The weather was beautiful today, so I try something new. I displayed the new Spring quilted throws, by using a ladder and clothesline. It seemed to attract customers all day!

We have five new styles of quilted throws. They are all ten dollars off this week-end making them only $29.95! A few even have matching pillows. Be sure to stop by.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old and New

That's what we mean by a mix of old and new.

Hip Hip Hooray!

I often find myself cheering on our little town. My Main Street USA. This week I cheer louder than usual. I've been working with fellow business owners planing a block party. This is very exciting because, we have never combined our efforts to plan an event on Main Street before. We met this morning and one member of the group said it so nicely: " this will be a special day where our community can come together, putting politics and differences aside." We all know how hard this can be to accomplish in a small town. Can you hear me cheering? The group has named the event, The Gardiner Cupcake Festival. Mark your calenders for May 9th! I will fill you in over the next few weeks on more details.

My cheering continued when these markers were planted yesterday. (notice the pink) They mark the spaces throughout our Hamlet for the arrival of sidewalks. Hooray!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Local Author

Local books...I continue to share items for sale at HiHo.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pick a Card

Any Card....
Everybody knows we sell antiques. However many think that's all we have. Sooo, for the next few posts I thought I might share some shop photos that showcase merchandise we sell other than antiques. Our cards are both fun and pretty, many have vintage graphics.We have two full walls of Birthday cards and two spinners of special occasion cards. HiHo is conveniently located next door to the post office...


"Jenny S"
of... and I will be sending these goodies your way. Thank you to everybody who helped celebrate HiHo's one hundredth post! The Mom in me wants you to know you're all winners....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hay Heaped High

How could I resist? I seem to have monogram madness lately. I keep coming across wonderful items with "H" 's on them. Much to my pleasure. This sweet vintage page from an ABC book got my attention while searching for other vintage pictures.
You see, the "o" in the bottom right? So this is not just an "H" find it's a HO! Don't you love the illustration and all the "H" words? Have a Happening, Happy, Healthy, Hell- of- a day!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Proud Mom

My twelve year old son was Daddy Warbucks in the Jr. version of Annie last week. The family watched while wiping tears of pride off our cheeks....

Bravo Everett! Bravo!

Magic in TV Land

I have always liked old Westerns, the sets were always great. Log cabins, Mom in the kitchen cooking something. Pretty Hollywood Western dresses, table clothes, and families together saying grace. Lots of enamelware, a dog...oh, and a rocker. I guess...I really loved them? One of my favorite shows was Big Valley. They were a rich Hollywood T.V. Western family. I always wanted to be Audra. She was perfect. Perfect hair, great makeup ( you know like all the cowgirls) and she had amazing clothes to be rescued in. Oh, and handsome guys around her all the time.

Here at HiHo we have one room that celebrates my love for things Western: the Homespun and Hearth Room. These shots are from the HiHo web site. I always try to offer unique old and new items with a Western flair.

This McCoy cookie jar is in perfect condition and will be sure to make any gal feel like a Hollywood Cowgirl when eating cookies from it!

Why not surround yourself with things that make you feel like a kid? Even if it's just a cookie...

Saturday, March 21, 2009


A trip to the Woodbury Commons Outlet Stores turned into a series of pink moments. The first indication was this store named Pink. The second was the window of pink at LaPerla. Yes... sometimes I travel away from my home base, to look for inspiration. On this particular adventure my older daughter Whitney came along. ( She is home from school on her Spring break.) Once entering Betsy Johnson's outlet store there was no stopping the pink fashion show. Notice the floors and the dressing rooms were even pink! I love this old McCalls pattern with Audrey Hepburn, she looks like she's enjoying modeling the pink dress as much as Whitney ....OK, how do I explain this last picture? My husband was eager to pose for this Pink Saturday blog post when I requested. He had worn his pink shirt to work and I thought to ask. It was his idea to grab an object of pink to hold for the shot. Turning the shoot into a giggle fest. He was a good sport. Maybe I'll get more of the family to join in next week? Until then be sure to join Beverly at

*Mention Pink Saturday when your in the shop this week and recieve 10% off any and all things Pink!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Pair of Chairs- $85.00
Vintage Table- $115.00
Bowl and Pitcher Set- $70.00
Iron Stone Pitcher,
With Arrangement- $225.00
Giving your room a makeover, priceless!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Everything's Better With a Bow

Here at HiHo we believe this is true... and this woman believes the bigger the bow the better!

We like to have an assortment of ribbon around at all times. We even have special HiHo ribbon on our price tags. Placing bows on merchandise in the shop helps customers to visualize the item as a gift. This vintage table top children's dresser would be a great jewelry box and a super gift. Featuring a bow on this bust makes it playful and relaxed. Serving up treats with a bow makes it so much more festive. Who can resist a teddy with a bow? It's because we believe everything is better with a bow, that we finish every gift sale with tissue, ribbon and a bow. The girls and I wanted to remind you again to vote for HiHo in the March issue of Hudson Valley Magazine for best Christmas in the Valley. We were out and about today and the issue is available everywhere! (Be sure to vote for at least 25 businesses or your vote won't count.) We will also remind you to comment on post..100+ to be in HiHo's give-a-way!

The next time you're stepping out ask yourself, would this look better with a bow?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Monday, March 16, 2009

Peeking At Pillows

The Pillow Parade is being hosted by Kari and Kijsa, at their blog; .We decided to join in by posting just a few of the many pillows for sale at HiHo right now. Pillows are one of the easiest ways to up date, refresh and or change a room for the season.Thanks for peeking! Be sure to swing by the Pillow Parade for more fun...

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

PINK SHOP SATURDAY and a carnival...

Well as promised this week the pinks are all current items on sale at HiHo. I tried to take shots from a lot of different rooms of the shop, I thought it would be more interesting. This first picture was taken with fellow pinkie Jeanne in mind. Be sure to visit her blog at especially if you love Poodles. These pink cast iron Poodle bookends have a great retro look, we have other breeds too. But not in pink... Sometimes, I'm very lucky and get an old item that has never been used. These brand new in the box His and Hers pink towels are from the 60's. The pink roses peeking out from behind are the graphics from the top of the box.

Hand painted and in very good condition this framed Lion's Club honor roll has the most charming pink boarder.

I like to imagine the father that handed out the new cigars from this pink box.

I let Humphrey pick his favorite pinks from the shop too. A pretty pink food dish, a pink vintage squeaky dog toy and a friend who doesn't bark sitting on a pink pillow.

To continue having fun take a look at Beverly's blog...

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