Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pink Around Town

I thought I would take you on a little pink tour of the shops around HiHo.
Lets get a treat at the bakery across the street..... this is a shot of Jamie holding freshly baked pink pig cookies, they are the bakery's logo cookie. Hard to resist....right? See more of the bakery, visit their web site at , . Lets run over and visit with Jody... she owns the newest shop in town , Uptown Attic. It is a fun clothing consignment shop. I'm sure she has some pretty pinks! You can visit with Jody longer by going to
Right next door to Uptown Attic is the bicycle shop, Lightsey Cycles. Kirk is the owner. Hey, look he's building a pink bike! Our kind of guy!!! ( really wasn't planned)
I don't know about you... but I'm ready for a refreshment . What do you say we stop into the wine shop? This is Jonathan, an enthusiastic employee. He is a musician and would be thrilled if stopped by to listen.... ( he really was unpacking this box of pink labeled wine!!) Enthusiastic Wines and Spirits is the last stop on today's tour, (otherwise the girls will start looking for me) Owner Carl hopes you will take a look at his web site,
Well thank you for joining me on my break, but I really do need to get back. OH! look the neighbor is out trimming the hedges..... bless his sweet pink bald head, hee,hee.

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