Sunday, July 25, 2010

Changing It Up

The Summer is slipping away and it shows in the amount of merchandise that has left the building. Summer color palettes are fading away and neutrals are staring to take over. Often changes in the shop layout are planned moves , however sometimes auction purchases dictate we move things before I even come up with a plan. I can't sell something if I don't get it off the truck. This is a dining set I purchased without space to display it in. Then I decided the best place was the front room where the hose display with pale chairs and the green table were featured was/is the best place to show off this large set.The table and chairs spent a few days just inside the door while I plotted a plan. The plan began with emptying the spot, which always means moving thirty items before the new display can begin. Here you see the loan library even had to be moved to make room. That's me on the ladder again.

All in all, a successful move, nothing broken, everything found a new home and it still looks a little bit like Summer.