Monday, October 26, 2009

Real or HiHo Real?

I don't know if I live within the real world of retail, but certainly have created my own world of retail. The Fall Season is in full swing, tourists finding us for the first time and locals checking in for honey and cards, the pace is quickening as we cross our fingers for a huge fourth quarter. It's count down time, two weeks until we put up holiday trees and magic. Only days later our open house. Flash forward to the famous Black Friday and our only fears are weather and keeping up stock levels. I've been drawing and plotting, changing plans as things sell and my ideas grow. Today and tonight I struggle with big decisions, like how many Candy Canes are enough, what brand of Peppermint Bark and how many ounces of Ribbon Candy make a nice gift box? The bottom line, this time of year whether its in the real retail world or in the HiHo retail world we are focused on the bottom line. Tonight it is fun and Sweet!!!