Monday, May 18, 2009

A Birds Eye View and A Birthday

Well the weekend turned out to be a chilly one. However, that didn't keep me from keeping the shop door open. Humphrey loves the door open and plays the role of greeter very well. I figured after posting the pictures of him as a wet rat, you should all get good a look at my pretty boy.
He can on occasion decide he doesn't want someone to enter.He trys to act loud and large. ( poor Hump people usually laugh when that happens.) He did let an unwelcome visitor in yesterday, he arrived overhead, making Humphrey very excited.
The bird seemed to favor the Hemingway Room and he sang when sitting on spinning stacks of books. It was disturbing to see him try to fly and hit the window. Once he flew into the Hot House Room Aubrey and I came up with a plan. The bird seemed to escape our exit plans by flying over our heads. We needed to hold things over our heads to force him to make the right turn out the front door. It worked!

Air Traffic Control at HiHo

Having a bird in the shop has happened before, lets just say we were not as organized at removing him from the building that still makes me laugh to think of it.( Claudia from Mockingbird Hill Cottage and I were more like a I Love Lucy episode, in our attempts to save the bird.....LOL.) Enough said, I don't want to embarrass the two of us.

Happy Birthday MR. HIHO

I think you can tell by the little guys face, between the customers, the bird and a party, he was a bit tuckered out. Hmmmm, life is good for all of us.