Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Full Assortment of Candles

Don't you love it when your done unloading the groceries and the pantry is full? Well the same feeling comes over me when I order candles and every scent and color I requested arrives at once.
A full selection to choose from and everything is organized. Ahh, a job well done.

New Hours!!

Many of you have inquired about evening hours. So... we will now be open Thursday evenings until 7:30.

Time For Some Bubbly

An assortment of perfume bottles arrived and we paired them up with our own Classic HiHo. With teens in the house, I think it will be a while before my personal care products at the house will be making a pretty statement in the bath....However arranging them at the store gave me fond memories of days gone by. ( Quiet baths and clean folded towels, Ha!)
Of course I have the shower gel, the brown sugar scrub and the shea butter, they just go really quickly....teens know a good thing when they see it. Hey, if they are worth it, you are too...Stop in and treat yourself to one of these delightful products.