Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Full Assortment of Candles

Don't you love it when your done unloading the groceries and the pantry is full? Well the same feeling comes over me when I order candles and every scent and color I requested arrives at once.
A full selection to choose from and everything is organized. Ahh, a job well done.


Itajeff - Something To Share said...

i love candle too, i got few collections.
Love you blogs, great pictures and postings.

Have a nice day
Lots of luv,

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I know exactly how you feel. I have trims, fabrics, paints, stamps, stamp pads on and on - to see them all "just so" and my stock looking replete is so gratifying. Your candle stock is just wonderful!

It's been challenging this last little while. My focus has wavered, but my heart is good in spite of blue-screened Fatal Errors, crashes, 'puter woes. I've had dr. appts AND our air went out (I'm in south Florida... 95 yesterday) so I've not been on my blog nor have I come 'round to visit. Interesting week; )

Great list today on MaidenShade Matters, "How Long Can I Keep It? Shelf Lives for Common Foods".