Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Like a roller coaster, life is moving fast and I'm unable to anticipate the next curve.
I have always loved a thrilling ride, I grew up riding a coaster named the Comet,( these first two photos are of the Comet). Every Summer we would visit Crystal Beach, Canada and take the ride. Hands held over ours heads and screaming. Thing is, it was a planned ride.
In the past two weeks the turns have been the kind that hurt your neck and I wasn't aware I was going for a ride. You know your screaming/laughing loving it and then you realize it didn't hurt when you were younger. First thing that happened was fantastic news for the shop...(I have to keep it a secret until the end of September, but I'm warning you it's big). I got so excited it made my head hurt all afternoon. The town is moving forward with sidewalk infrastructure and Main Street is being resurfaced the first week of October. I still can wiggle in my seat over that news. Signage for Main Street is being placed on the outskirts of town to direct traffic....doesn't sound like much, believe me it's a gigantic leap for the town. HiHo's Fifth Tent Event is coming together beautifully.
POW!! an inverted tube and I'm hanging upside down holding on and not liking the ride. Yup one of my kids took me off of the old wooden Roller Coaster I'm used to and buckled me into a super sonic upside down make me sick ride. I'm glad to report even the high speed deluxe coasters slow down and stop.
I have a girlfriend who is a mother of three great kids, like me. (It always helps to have a friend in the same boat). Her quote..."Kids Are Over Rated". Makes me laugh every time. I say..." I'm just along for the ride"....as I rub my neck.