Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Love Note

My tradition of writing a blog post for the men in my life on Father's Day continues.
I made the mistake of jumping back on the blog and reading what I wrote for the last two years on Father's day and now I'm feeling defeated. What could I possibly say that I haven't said already?
Isn't it crazy how the world looks at our parents? They see knowledgeable adults with a sum of accomplishments. We are even one of their accomplishments. When I see my Dad, he's my Dad. The guy who draws on the program at church, made sure my bike was in working order every Spring, likes a chunk of torn bread rather than a slice and knows whether you put cold water or hot water in the kettle before you bring it to a boil. Not important stuff, things that others would not see or care about, but what a child sees when looking at a parent.
My children would share similar endearments about their Dad. I'm sure each different but just as important to them as mine are to me. Who knows what they would say about Grandpa?
On this Father's Day I want to say, I'm very lucky to have a Dad that calls me even though I find little time to call him, a Dad that creates beautiful artwork and makes me smile when I do share a moment with him. Living a distance away but right here at the same time....I love you Dad.
I'm blessed that I have a husband that is my partner in raising our children { the teen years will be over soon} He has a great ability to see inside each of our children's hearts...I love you Richard.
On this Father's Day I wish for you a day of celebration with the men in your life ....may the men's worldly accomplishments be dwarfed by the love they receive by their children.