Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Wedding Gift?

It was BEAUTIFUL day in the Hudson Valley today, Chelsea's wedding day. HiHo is only a 35 minute drive from all of her festivities. Made me think....I wonder what the Bride & Groom would be receiving as gifts?
I Googled, "top 10 wedding gifts" and was completely uninspired. Some big box store lists came up and boring mentions like framing the invite, really? Now a days it is so expensive to have a wedding, if you are invited to one you are a close friend or family member, right? You should know what the taste of the new couple is. What their hobbies and preferred pass times are, basically what makes them tick.
Some say you should be sure to give a gift that at the very least covers the cost of your dinner....eeek, glad I wasn't invited.

Some of my favorite HiHo selected gifts that I have given in the past....a vintage Pyrex mixing bowl set, a set of vintage etched wine glasses, his and hers matching knit throws and even a vintage wine rack.
Not that I am an expert in this area but I tend to believe giving something that in the years to come they will remember as a gift from you, is the way to go.
What would you give the happy couple?