Saturday, July 5, 2008

Little Treats

The pictures on the post are all items for sale at HiHo at this time, give us a call if you would like information on any of the pieces. Anyone that spends time Antiquing knows the "stuff" is endless, china, glassware, jewelry, hankies, books, tools, on, and on. These things are all referred to as "smalls"in the trade. It's the shopper that ranks the level of importance to the clutter they prefer. I love Hull pottery and I could part with half of my collection and still have too many pieces. I enjoy living with the collection and continuing the hunt for new additions to the collection. Very often when customers arrive at the shop we approach and inquire if they are "hunting for anything in particular". More often than not they reply, "just looking". The store is full of treasures, not really things you have to have, things you want to have. A couple was in the store the first year we were open and his wife told him she really needed an item we had for sale and his response was, " this is not an I need store, it's a I want store". That stayed with me all this time because it's so true, at least it made since when he said it. Two days later the wife came back and bought what she referred to as a "little treat". HiHo is filled with lots of little treats, some even come home with me from time to time. Treats make us feel good, help to refresh a room, even add some of our own personality to our homes. Seems to me that purchasing little treats for ourselves and our homes qualify as a necessity, when thought of in this way. Maybe when we ask if you're hunting, the real reply should be "I'm looking for a little treat". I know the news keeps telling us to save for a long winter of rising fuel costs, but what about the small pleasure one gets from the hunt and the treat. I will be holding back on long trips, new clothes, dining out and movies at the theater, but my hunting trips even if I only do it locally, will not be cut from my budget. Whatever your prefer, golfing, tennis, dining, theater, don't let the fear of unknown fuel costs deny you of your right for a "little treat". flamingos- SOLD