Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ready, Set, Wait

Chomping at the bit to open the screen porch....arrange the furniture bring out the indoor plants and take in the view of the yard from my favorite vantage point.....
The pollen here in upstate NY is coating everything this week. This time each year I'm sure it's the worst season for allergies ever. We have huge, HUGE pine trees surrounding our home and clouds of pollen swirl in the wind and coat our cars and force us to keep windows closed :( It also keeps us from opening our screen porch, we wait until the trees have bloomed, so the green coating of dust doesn't have to be reckoned with in our indoor/outdoor space. Maybe next week ;)
We don't wait at the shop, we have made everything summer there. Bright colors, great furnishings for indoor/outdoor spaces and plenty of Salt Water Taffy.

Now is the time to buy some treats for your outdoor space....before everyone else starts grabbing up the goodies, and the green dust settles ;)