Sunday, November 23, 2008

Names for Rooms

Well, while I wait for my new camera to arrive, I guess you will just have to put up with my rambling. (my camera decided it was done working after 3 years.)

A customer was surprised to learn today that we had names for each of the rooms in the shop. I had made a comment about "Dan's Room" and he found it interesting that we referred to the room by name. Susan explained it was the name of the antique dealer that rents the room, and that was that. We didn't tell him that the rooms really do have names and that they all begin with "H". So many men are out of their element here at HiHo and it didn't seem necessary to burden him with too much information. ( if you haven't already looked at the web site, all the rooms are listed by name.) It is because of the friendly exchange with the gentleman customer this afternoon, that I have decided to share the "names" or themes for the Christmas decor in each of the rooms. Traditional, Snowy Owl, Cupcake Buffet, Pink Princess, Country, Green, Blue and the dog room has sold through twice, so it's only theme at this point is...Dog. Naming the themes for the rooms help purchasing merchandise all year, it just keeps me focused when buying. Take a look at some of the holiday posts and see if you can match the name with the photo. I sure hope my camera comes fast....