Friday, March 6, 2009

A Fun Party

The wine glasses have been washed, the left overs wrapped and the garbage taken out. It must have been a good party, I know it was, I'm wiped. Thanks to all who came out this evening to raise a glass to Caty and welcomed her to HiHo. It was lots of fun.Caty is so very talented, photos don't do her work justice. Even so, I took three quick shots this afternoon before everyone arrived. My personal favorite is the cabbage rose chair. Her pillows are amazing and have vintage needlework centers. The arm chairs are covered in rich tapestry fabrics, the details are perfect. Mimi our floral designer delivered up vases full of lush roses to compliment Caty's displays. There are other upholstered pieces showcased in Caty's room and I had good intentions of taking more pictures. I had imagined shots of people admiring the new room with glasses in hand....long story short we got busy and the camera never made it out of my bag. Sorry, but don't worry you can stop by and see the rest in person.