Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's My Home and I'll Decorate If I Want To!

What is the right height to hang artwork in my home? Is there an standard preferred walking space I should have between my couch and the coffee table? How low should I hang a ceiling fixture?
What did people do before Google??
Should the average home owner be referring to the "experts" when it comes to home decor in their own homes? I don't tall are you? Whats the size of the artwork? Do you walk with a cane and how big is the room? Will you be dining under the light fixture?
When one googles for home decor rules, be forewarned that your specific needs might mean adjusting the experts advise to fit your home and your own sense of style.
If your going to look for advise, look in your own back yard. Have a discussion with a real person. Most importantly don't take the advise if you don't like the way it looks. Remember you may keep changing things until you do like it.
I hate the idea of "Home Decorated by Google" in the text below the photo of your living's your home and decorate it the way you want it!