Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Week in Translation

*The rain is relentless.
Translation, there are mushrooms growing in my flower boxes.
*I have been heavy hearted. A sweet young man took his life this week, leaving our small town turned inside out. Very loving people in the community have shown amazing courage in coping with this loss.
Translation, I'm exhausted.
*Have I mentioned the kids are out of school?
Translation, my house is a mess the refrigerator is empty and my truck should have a taxi sign installed on the roof.
*I'm an officer for our town's business association...(wouldn't it be nice if meetings could be rained out like ball games once in a while?) This week the business association sponsored the State of the County Dinner. It went very well, we gave out canvas totes to all that attended. We also designed and printed a rack card/tourist piece in under 48 hours to have as a handout for the evening. It's beautiful.
Translation, emails to members, searched for pictures, wrote text, gathered stuff for the bags and last minute stuffing, a hectic mess.
*The evening provided a photo opportunity with the who's who of the county, a meet and greet, a brief introduction and a on stage thank you to the seventy people in attendance.
Translation, glad it's over and wish I had thought more about what to wear than the darn bags and the rack card.
*A customer/resident gave a sizable donation through me to the business association to move forward on designing and posting signs on the outskirts of our town . A very generous gift.
Translation, time to gather the troops for more meetings.
*Delegated weeding of the front of the house to my twelve year old.
Translation, I should have done it myself weeks ago.
*The Red,White and Blue bunting is up on the building for the holiday.
Translation, I can't believe it's July!
*I had a run in with a bat while using the lawn hose at the shop.
Translation, I'm a really good screamer.
I'm sure fifty other things need translating from the past week, but it's time to start working on next week....