Monday, April 27, 2009

Gardiner Cupcake Festival

Many of you have asked for more details about the upcoming Cupcake Festival. This is a copy of the press release for the event.
Old Fashioned Block Party, Live Music, Local Food and Shopping
“Life Should Be One Big Celebration!”

The First annual gardiner cupCake festival, SATURDAY MAY 9TH FROM 1PM-5PM, will be on MAIN STREET, IN HAMLET OF GARDINER. Main Street Events has planned an exciting day of live music, local food, shopping and more. A one block area of the street, in the center of Gardiner’s hamlet, will be closed for this 1st annual celebration.

Well known singer/song writer, Rhett Miller, will be performing alternative rock. Popular Hudson Valley entertainer and acoustic guitarist, Vito Petroccito, will rock with classic rock and blues favorites. Singer, Steve Lane, will entertain those attending with cover songs, from artists such as Bob Dylan. The Mistral Trio is a classical wind trio performing Bach, Mozart and Irish Traditional, kicking off what’s sure to become one of Gardiner’s most enjoyable days of the year.

This will be a cupcake themed day for the whole family. The day will include a cupcake bake off, cupcake decorating and lots of cupcakes for sale. Local organizations such as the Ladies Auxiliary and the Friends of the Library will be participating. Donkey rides, a jumpy house and children’s dance performances are sure to entertain the younger crowd.

Local restaurants will be serving creative meals, like cornbread chili cupcakes topped with a dollop of sour cream. Local Winery’s will be pouring wine tastings and taps will be open in the Cupcake Festival’s Beer Garden. Tables and chairs will boarder an open area in front of the performance stage leaving plenty of room for dancing along with dining al fresco.

Local shops will be dressed for the festivities, serving up cupcakes and special promotions. A flower market along with a few local venders will line the street, selling everything from local honey to Kiss My Face products. So join the community of Gardiner as we share the heart and center of our town. The First Annual Gardiner Cupcake Festival is the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend and our community.

Raffle tickets to win a huge basket of goodies are being sold at all the Gardiner Hamlet shops. The basket is valued at more than four hundred dollars and all items were donated by Gardiner businesses in support of the Gardiner Cupcake Festival. The winner will be announced at the festival.

For more information call the Cupcake Festival hotline, (845) 256-1122

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I don't know when it happened but I am now one of those people who are never on time. You know wet hair, missing the important sheet of paper, don't have a pen, my child is waiting alone with a look on their face, the gas tank is on E, I remember friends birthdays but don't get a card off till a week or two later, I push things off till the last minute and I always have the feeling I'm forgetting something.
Maybe it's the laundry that hasn't made it to the dryer, the leftovers that are turning green in the fride, the phone call I was suppose to return, the change for the register...(I'm out of singles again), the kid I need to pick up or the meat I left in the freezer? I can't be the only one who has transformed into the one who's always late? I have let my hair go so long people think I'm going for a new look. I just keep forgetting to call to make an appointment. Well listen to me...hmmm, my life is rich and full with loved ones (both friends and family) and I'm worried about being late. Not really I just want to say if your waiting for a birthday card from me it's coming, RSVPs are coming too, thank you notes are weighing heavy on my mind and on the list, if your out of clean socks they are in the dryer, if your wondering where all the Tupperware went I threw it out it got fuzzy, I need to borrow a pen at auction and at meetings, and for crying out loud remind me if I'm suppose to pick you up after school. I love you all very much and would like to be on time.... but I'm up too late blogging. Sharing my rich full life with more friends that will have to put up with my tardiness. For being late is part of who I am at this stage of my life. " My name is, Heidi and I'm always late."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time For The Garden

(thank goodness) I bought these at auction Tuesday night. They have the look of cement, but luckily are not as heavy. Both are over three feet tall and are easy to hang. Top one, SOLD.
After a day of eighty degree temperatures it's hard not to want to remix and refresh ones outdoor spaces. HiHo is full of new treasures and ideas for the warm months ahead.

Saved The Pink For Last

Of course the new summer set up of circus themed merchandise showcases pink!

Look who is posing in the background of this photo...he refused to be shown up by an ass. Ha, Ha!

We continue to prepare for the upcoming Cupcake Fest and tease customers with these fizzing bath/soap cupcakes. For more Pink fun on this beautiful Saturday join Beverly at How Sweet the sound by clicking on the Pink Saturday button in my side bar. Happy Pink!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

SURPRISE! Swedish Fish, Honey Drops, Black Licorice Scotties, Gummy Bears, Butterscotch Buttons, Non Pariels and Salt Water Taffy are now all at HiHo.

Barber Pole Sticks, Caramels and Candy Fruit Slices. A full assortment sold by the piece or bagged.

The Circus Has Arrived at HiHo

I have been plotting and planning the summer theme for months. The colors are bright the merchandise is fun and the results don't disappoint!
Be sure to stop by and visit, it's all about having fun...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The First Pink Lady of TV

I know who you mean...You know the rich lady who wears pink, whats her name?? She lived on a farm with all the funny men, you know?? Green Acres! She always wore big jewelry and a boa, I know...Zsa Zsa!! No it's her sister Eva, "darling". I found some great shots to share, I passed on the promotional pictures when she posed in green. (what were they thinking, green?) anyway enjoy.
I ran out of time or I would have pulled up a shot from a visit to the Love Boat, oh well and maybe that was Zsa Zsa anyway. This last shot of Eva is my favorite, nothing like a great black and white. I will let you imagine the dog and robe are pink...for more pink fun join Beverly at Pink Saturday by clicking on the picture in the side bar.

(a little Zsa Zsa, Eva want to be)

Happy Pink Saturday, Darling!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Throw Sale

Now Only $29.95 Each!

They are going fast and I only have a few of the matching pillows left...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just Two Girls...

...Out On The Town. I drove to New Jersey today. I took my fifteen year old to get her braces taken off. We left early, arrived early and I had a smiling partner all the rest of the day. Lunch, shopping, sweets and then....darn it! lost again! I even got a GPS for Christmas. Mr. HiHo named it "Rita" because she rita-da-map. She had us going in circles, however I do believe New Jersey wants you to go in circles. Possibly a plot so you buy more gas. Anyway, I now have a very happy girl, hmmmm, how long will that last at the age of fifteen? Ha! Was able to pick up some great props for the summer themes and was glad to have the day with Aubrey. We were just two girls out and around and around the town.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not Just a Regular Pink Saturday

This is what started as a regular Pink Saturday post. Photos of bunny golden books that we sell. With Easter only a day away I was going to focus my post on HiHo's baby room. Known as Highchairs and Hiccups, the baby room has a lot of the colors of Easter.Sweet pictures of pink quilted throws, backpacks and boxed toy tea sets.

I would tell you to click the Pink Saturday button in my side bar to visit more pinks and to meet Beverly. Post a few images to represent the Pink baby items in the shop and I would be done... Until... well, you see the story goes something like this...I have a very close friend who came home from out west. A blog friend to many of you.

She is home for Easter visiting her husband , dogs, my family and me too. The glasses are a clue to who this friend is... Humphrey spotted her first! He adores her... She loves this baby doll and had a hand in marking her price up high , so not to sell.( Her plan worked)

Claudia! Yup, pictured here with her two favorite baby's at HiHo.

See... now wasn't that better than a regular Pink Saturday? Claudia and I enjoy our time together, I'm so thankful she has been able to come home. It's only a short visit but at least we will have Easter together. Be sure to visit her at

Happy Pink Saturday!

A Grilling Display

Determined for the warm weather to arrive, I set up this fun patio grill display. The grill is a vintage 1960's piece. I'm sure used with much pride by it's previous owner.

Set on stone mats and surrounded with fun outdoor entertaining garb, the grill is great as a summer fixture in the shop. But you know I won't keep's priced to sell.Perfect for showing of our private label dressings, wooden handle serving utensils along with some gift baskets. I love the Patio Daddy-O book, it's full of great tips, recipes, but best of all vintage photo's of Dads grilling. The picnic basket has a full set of plastic dishes and flatware, and when it comes time for a quick clean up... Dad can use his handy dandy matching ash bucket!

How great would your Dad look flipping buns on this one?