Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Pink Chair

I think it was 1995 when I purchased this chair.(correction...1989 is more like it) It was a matching set, couch and chair. Our living room at the time was too small for the love seat. This chair has been with us for all the important moments. The babies first pictures as they arrived home, snuggles before bed, the two o'clock feedings, late nights waiting for teenagers, Christmas mornings, kittens, puppies, Birthdays, even the unexpected sour stomach ( if you know what I mean). The couch has been replaced just this year, but I couldn't give up this comfortable chair. I'm surprised that I have become sentimental about a chair. Me... the one that buys and sells furniture nearly everyday.

The small table behind the chair was an auction find for the shop. I decided it had to come home before someone bought it and I had regret. I'm usually pretty good about resisting, however the table is perfect for the room. As promised, here are some more pieces from my personal Hull collection. Kitchen pieces, mixing bowls and casseroles.

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