Sunday, September 7, 2008

ODE TO 1960

Like every generation, the thirty something crowd is now choosing their grandparents furniture to furnish their homes. What was old is now new again....over and over again. You know... hip huggers, known now as low rise. Everything is now "retro". Here at HiHo we are featuring a few pieces of furniture that fit this description and by enhancing the shots to look "retro" it's hard to believe the shots were taken over the past two weeks. This orange chair is one of a pair of chairs.
This pair of amazing green chairs are getting a lot of attention in the front of the shop.
Who wouldn't love to use this ice bucket for a special occasion?
All of these classic 1960 looks are the trend in home decor right now, bright colors, clean lines and the freedom to mix it up. Two weeks ago my husband and I had the pleasure of taking our oldest daughter off to college. She had months planning the look of her dorm room. ( I'm sure that doesn't surprise anyone, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree) This shot of her was taken in her room on her first day as a college student. Whitney is loving college life and her "retro" room. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and encouragement on her behalf.

Whitney at Rider University in New Jersey.


We have finally arrived at beginning of the Fall season. Saturday and Sunday are packed with fun things to do. Gardiner's Library Sale, Gardiner Day, The Taste of New Paltz and HiHo's Tent Event. I look forward to sharing the fun with you. Some of the dealers from the second floor of the shop will be joining the tent crowd outside. Friends have promised to stop by with guitars in hand. Like years past we are using the event to promote a local cause.A number of local papers ran with our press release, along with a photo of Aubrey and Humphrey. Very exciting!! Now we just pray for good weather and everyone to stop by. I look forward to seeing you...