Friday, June 26, 2009

Only Days Away...

With the unseasonably rainy and cool weather I thought it might be a good idea to remind everyone the Fourth of July is only days away!

I Forgot!

I know, I know, I'm suppose to post for Pink Saturday... The week got away from me, the laundry is piling up and I forgot to RSVP to Beverly, at How Sweet The Sound. Sorry. Real life happens...and even though things were hectic I had a good week.
On Tuesday I finally got around to picking up some furniture,( I had bought a week and a half earlier). I finally did some weeding in my garden( isn't it nearly July?) and opened the screen porch at the house. Surely the rain has effected my timing on things (otherwise I'm just getting old, and that can't be!) This morning I had to drive two towns over to pick up bags for the candy, because I ran out. However, I enjoyed my visit with the ladies at the wholesale store.the leather chair on the left is SOLD
This is a shot of some of the furniture I "spaced out" on picking up. Hard to believe I could forget two cool chairs, right? They are comfy too.
Too many meetings, working on some PR items for the town, the kids last days of school, a date night with Mr. HiHo, preparations for the State of the County dinner, the arrival of the Summer heat and the continuing rain, all add up to a rich and full week. My porch looks great and it's really nice to sit in the breeze. The garden looks better and the laundry can wait. Hmmm, and somehow, I think, next week's Pink Saturday will still be going strong, even though I didn't share pink this week. Have a great day and if you want to enjoy some pink fun click on the I LOVE PINK button in my side bar.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Picture Frames

A graduation gift, teacher gift or just the perfect thing to highlight that amazing shot you took of the kids getting off the bus the last day of school. Two different designs in an assortment of colors, more than half of them sold over the weekend, so they are going fast.


All are priced under twenty dollars!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Fathers Day Love Note

I started a tradition last year of posting to my Dad on Fathers Day,
please allow me to indulge myself this one day a year and break from HiHo happenings.

Dad with Whitney, Aubrey and Everett in the 90's.
Once he even rode his bicycle from Buffalo to Gardiner!

One word congers up visions of the Buffalo Yacht Club in an instant for me. The word is not sailing, commodore or even regatta, it's Dad. If he is in town, you can find him there at least once a week having lunch (with the little past commodore flag in front of his place setting). He knows everyone in the room and refers to the server by name. He was commodore in 1984, there is a wall of portrait shots of every commodore on display at the club. His is dashing, of course. When my daughter Whitney was three or four, she saw the framed photo for the first time. Her response to the picture..."this building must be really old", it still makes me smile.
Most of my tween and early teen Summers were spent at the Yacht Club.( I don't think they used the word tween then) Where Dad raced in regatta's, spent time enjoying friends,enjoyed the lake and set an example of what life can be if you pursue your dreams. He has always been passionate about things, running, art, traveling, sailing and his Doris. I reflect on sunny days at the Yacht Club where I witnessed the adults in my life happy. He has planted the seeds in me to pursue my passions and live passionately. I have not chosen the same course, but have just as much passion in my life, thanks to his living example.

Dad and Doris at the Yacht Club in the 80's

Dad, a word that congers up feelings of love and gratitude.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just a Little Slice

We served up pink perfection at the Table Carousel Tuesday evening. The local Garden Club invited HiHo to participate in their annual event. Themed tables and desserts, sounds fun right? Our theme was Zu Zu's Petals, from the movie ,It's A Wonderful Life, with Jimmy Stewart.
We topped our table off with a feather tree, loaded with bells, because
"every time a bell rings a angel gets his wings"
Isabella, Me and Whitney in our shades of pink.
Pink petal garland graced the tree and a mix of silk and real petals were sprinkled on the linens.

My friend Tammy, from Wrights Farm make the OMG Chocolate Cake.
The Red Rooster prepared the Shortcake.Both were amazing!
We served up a tea and coffee, while viewing a dozen other tables...

...thanks to Marie. She invited HiHo to be apart of such a lovely event and I am grateful.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

men are better than woman!

That's how the ad read! In my search for inspiration on the advertising front, I came across this unbelievable ad for men's sweaters. I just had to share. It reads like this, "Indoors, woman are useful-even pleasant. On the mountain they are somewhat of a drag. So don't go hauling them up a cliff just to show off your Drummond climbing sweaters. These pullovers look great anywhere."
I told you UNBELIEVABLE right? Hmmm, here is an idea for a HiHo ad campaign. Men are worthless when it comes to shopping, so don't waste your time bringing them in to HiHo. Let them wait in the car so they can help carry the bags and load in the furniture when your done doing your shopping.
I know, I know.., it's not going to fly but it was fun putting it out there, hee, hee.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Create Your Own Sunshine

They are projecting another full day of rain. "Tell me it isn't so" I say lets create are own sunshine, spaces in our homes that fill us with light.
This slip covered chair, with matching pillow in green gingham, is so cheery.


Remind yourself and your guests that Summer is here and celebrate it!

Rain or Shine.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Going to a Party!

It's Sares birthday and she has invited us to come to her party. She has requested that her guests wear their very best. I prefer classic black and white for this type of occasion. But, I still need help narrowing it down. Here are my picks...
This first may not be formal enough...I know Sares is expecting the Queen and I had this Balenciaga fitted in 1951 to join in a celebration at the palace ( if I remember correctly... It was one of her boring lunch and crumpet things) guess I really shouldn't be seen by the Queen wearing the same frock!( I don't know which closet the hat is in anyway) The second is a Balenciaga too, from 1961. I wore it on a memorable evening in France. The young and dashing Frank Sinatra sang the night away at a friends villa. This last Balenciaga, I adore. I wore it in 1954... a night of theater and dining in Manhattan. When Erroll Flynn gave me a second look I knew the dress was to become one of my favorites. However the coat does get in the way when dancing...Oh, what to do? How I do love an open back with a party hat....I think the second dress it is. Now to find my gloves...

Thank you for having me to your party Sares...You can swing by and wish Sares a Happy Birthday too, just click her party button in my sidebar.

Many Happy Returns Of The Day !

I had planned a bit more for the post, but the internet at the house was lost yesterday in a storm. Was told it could be days. I luckly had started my party post Sunday evening. I am posting from the shop in my PJ's on dail up. ( now I need to run home and get my dress on before midnight!!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Pink Guest Room

Another Pink Saturday. Where to get inspiration?? Friend and staff member, Susan had an idea..."how about a post of all the pink items I have bought at HiHo?" A great idea. Susan has flair, a style of her own, love for a great deal, good color since and a really fun guest room. Take a look...

The pair of cement birds and the valance were not purchased at HiHo, but I was with her when she bought them....and Susan wonders why she has guests every weekend?

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Underwood Or Underdog?

Everyday I work at the shop, Humphrey works at the shop. Mild mannered and professional. Reminding me of all the people I ever worked with , that were on time and good listeners. Much like this guy....
Humphrey has all his duties at the shop, greeting, roaming, holding down the counter and like all good shop dogs begging for treats from customers who claim to be "dog people".
Humphrey was fascinated by this old typewriter. After the customer put it up on the counter he circled it a number of times ,sooo, I got my camera out. It was a great buy, we all giggled as it left the shop, because Humphrey seemed so attached.
It wasn't until I saw the shots, that it occurred to me that the name brand of the typewriter was Underwood. Has Humphrey been a fan of Underdog all this time and we never knew it??
Is he the real Underdog?
"not plane, nor bird, nor even frog, just little old me Underdog"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Additions To Our Card Line

How can anyone resist Raggedy Ann and Andy? These images are so endearing...and now available at HiHo as Birthday cards.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Shopping Vintage Pink

At HiHo of course!This hutch is painted an amazing shade of blush pink, has great glass doors and is the perfect size for any room. The vintage hand painted plate has lost some of it's original paint but not any of it's charm. You don't always have to fill a cupboard to make it appear full. Sometimes less is really more.
The throw and the matching pillows are a fun mix of floral and stripes.
Now remember not all is lost if you can't get to HiHo to shop for vintage pink... You can always wear vintage pink and just go shopping!

I really need to get a move on, still lots to do to prepare for a busy weekend of shoppers. Be sure to visit all the Pink Saturday posts by clicking on the button in my side bar, tell Beverly, Heidi sent ya! Hmmmm, maybe I'll make a snack before bed... Happy Pink!

Camping HiHo Style

As the RVs rolled by HiHo headed for the camp ground. I spent the day setting up camp at HiHo.

It has put me in the mood for marshmallows...