Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Honey of a Weekend!

It's nearing that time again...
A Honey of a Weekend. Last year was so successful we are doing it again, but even bigger. The weekend of the 14th and 15th we will be serving up honey tastings. Buck Wheat, Clover and Wildflower honey from Widmark Farms. With special guest Melinda Widmark
joining in on the fun.
"Bee" sure to mark the dates!


Quoted in Country Business Magazine

Once again HiHo gets a mention in a magazine for independent retails. Country Sampler's, Country Business Magazine. Last year I was in an article about western theme merchandise and displays. This recent article is titled HOT HOT HOT, don't you love it!(you know I like all the "H's"). With a sub title of, Sizzlin' Displays. I know most of you probably haven't heard of the magazine ....but retailers selling with a country spin use it as a resource. Well it can't hurt when HiHo and are small town are mentioned 3 times in one four page article, in the February issue. A big thank you, to Editor, Susan Wagner and her staff for continuing to give small retailers the opportunity to be heard. I took a look to see if the article was posted on their web site, no luck. Although you are welcome to peek at the site, maybe you will find inspiration?