Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Trip to NYC

I got home from NYC Tuesday evening. It's always nice to come home. Nothing like a few days away to make one appreciate what they have.
The show was, huge. I visited with all my favorite vendors. Isabella spent much of Sunday with me, we really (she really) enjoyed the food booth samples. I am working on a theme for the summer that would have us selling lots of nostalgic candies. So that meant we had to taste the sweets to be sure of the quality, (wink, wink). I spent Monday on my own, looking at trends in home decor and color palettes for next season. I attended a seminar featuring editors from two retail trade magazines that I love. I ended the day with a Mardi Gras party in the permanent showrooms across from the Empire State building. (Often the show uses food and drink to entice attendees to spend.)
After two days of none stop walking it was time to put my feet up. MY SWOLLEN FEET
I was blessed to have keys to a friends place on the East side. PARIS
I stayed with Paris the cat, both nights.....don't tell Humphrey.
Tuesday was a full day as well. Carol, friend and one of the resident dealers at HiHo joined me first thing in the morning. It was a day of return visits to booths that got my attention on the first two days. It will take me weeks to digest all the products and ideas I have absorbed from my outing to the show, but as always, I'm sure good things will happen at HiHo as a result of making the trip.