Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home From NYIGF

Yup, the New York International Gift Fair. Where retailers go to buy from wholesalers. Friends and customers inquire about what I do when I am there....well, I walk and walk and walk. Over 4000 booths of merchandise on display at the Jacob Javits Center and at the Piers. I take tons of notes, and do, doodle drawings of products, displays and combinations of both. Have meetings with sales representatives, they tour the sales floor with me, while I place orders.I walk some more and collect catalogs to bring back to the shop for future buying and inspiration. All in all it's work, but a break from the shop. I usually spend at least one day with my pal Isabella and I did this time on Tuesday. I spent the overnights at my friend Vicki's downtown, thank goodness.
It will take me weeks to sort through the catalogs and notes, but they will motivate me easily for the next six months. Then it will be time to do it all over again.

Where Did The Time Go?

The summer has whizzed by and I haven't gotten a chance to visit so many of my blogging friends. In a world where everyone is busy, it seems I've failed at finding the time for blog surfing in the evenings, like I do other times of the year. (Believe me you are not the only one missing comments on your posts from me.) Life is good, all is well, although I think it will be a couple of weeks before I get out to visit. Please know I am missing you and thinking of you. I will continue to post at least twice a week. Heidi