Saturday, January 31, 2009

Preferred Customer Alert

Are you a loyal HiHo customer? Do you shop regularly at HiHo for your gifts…your home and decorating needs? If so, you just might be a Preferred Customer!
We’re rewarding our best customers with the HiHo Preferred Customer card. Come in to the shop and ask about how you can get one and what the benefits are.
Believe me, it is well worth being a Preferred Customer at HiHo. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to our frequent shoppers who continue to support us through thick and thin. We appreciate the fact that you’ve invested in your own local economy by supporting us…a local business that gives back to its community.
Don’t worry, if you already have a Preferred card hang onto it. Mention the blog and we will give it a punch!

Dancing In My Head

"Visions of sugar plums danced in their heads" this quote has always appealed to me. I have always imagined the candy magically floating , spinning and bouncing about in their minds all through the night. I have imagined their excitement and wonderment.
The quote has taken on new meaning to me this week as my dreams have been visually packed with products. Products I saw at the gift show. Not dreams that have a story line, or have recognizable people in them, but just stuff everywhere. My dreams have always been in color, (not surprising) but most often I remember them and they have an order to them. I have even found inspiration for store themes and displays from my dreams.
I'm still trying to make since out of the millions of ideas that are "dancing in my head". Dancing day and night. I guess you can tell from the photo the visual overload I experienced. Maybe it's excitement and wonderment...kind of a romantic way to say I need to organize my thoughts. Yup , that's this weeks plan, hmmm.