Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Everything's Better With a Bow

Here at HiHo we believe this is true... and this woman believes the bigger the bow the better!

We like to have an assortment of ribbon around at all times. We even have special HiHo ribbon on our price tags. Placing bows on merchandise in the shop helps customers to visualize the item as a gift. This vintage table top children's dresser would be a great jewelry box and a super gift. Featuring a bow on this bust makes it playful and relaxed. Serving up treats with a bow makes it so much more festive. Who can resist a teddy with a bow? It's because we believe everything is better with a bow, that we finish every gift sale with tissue, ribbon and a bow. The girls and I wanted to remind you again to vote for HiHo in the March issue of Hudson Valley Magazine for best Christmas in the Valley. We were out and about today and the issue is available everywhere! (Be sure to vote for at least 25 businesses or your vote won't count.) We will also remind you to comment on post..100+ to be in HiHo's give-a-way!

The next time you're stepping out ask yourself, would this look better with a bow?