Friday, May 15, 2009

Calling All Pinks

If I don't give you a ring on Saturday, it doesn't mean I'm not coming. "I'll get it!" I never got around last week to visit each of your pink posts and who knows what this weekend will bring. The shop is open six days a week and I work each one. The weekends are often the busiest days of the week at the shop. My stress is compounded with the added plus of kids not being at school and my darling husband being off from work. I'm not crying over spilled milk...I'm whining. I just want you to know I love all your pink posts and don't give up on me, or serve me with a pink slip. Gee, who knows you could have already put out a missing pink person patrol on me.... (don't you just love a man in uniform?)I promise to put time aside Tuesday to visit as many posts as I can and to get some shots of pink in the shop to share. Thanks to Beverly for her dedication to Pink Saturdays. Be sure to join in on all the fun by clicking the Pink Saturday button in my side bar.

Thumbs up to PINK!

All Washed Up

Ah, the smell of wet dog. Yup, it was bath night at Humphrey's house. You have to love a dog that you can wash in the sink. He really does like a bath, he doesn't like the camera. The best gifts come wrapped in small packages.After a good shake,
and a couple of cookies. It will be an hour or so before we get into our dance around the brush and then he will be ready to greet Saturday's customers.