Wednesday, March 4, 2009

100+ Posts

Yup! That's right my one hundredth blog came and went and I missed it. How did that happen? ( I don't have that much on my I?) Now that I'm a veteran blogger I'm aware of my duty to celebrate this (missed) event with a give-a-way. I have collected a few homey cottage-like goodies to tempt you all. I picked seven items to represent the number of blogs I posted after my 100th post.

1. Friendship's Token, a lovely paper back book filled with illustrations and poems.
2. A Caswell Massey travel size almond soap.
3. A fun candy cane
4. A candle in the shape of a goddess
5. A mint chocolate chip scented fizzy bath cupcake with soap frosting
6. A Cath Kidsten, Dream Home Journal
7. A small picture frame

With over a hundred posts one might think I don't worry about a viewing audience. But really don't we all like to think someone is listening? I have had my moments of "is it really worth it to post? Do they really look at the blog?" Then a customer will come in and go on about how they read each post and how they enjoy the blog... (happy, happy me) I even asked my web master about the lack of comments left on the blog by visitors. He said "it's sorta like when you go to a wedding and everyone waits till someone else dances. Once one couple gets up, others follow." Well now is your chance to get up and dance...I am keeping my fingers crossed that everyone out there leaves a comment on this post and then I will enter each of you to win.

Be sure to check back on Saturday because HiHo is going to be participating in PINK SATURDAY. A fun blogging day for all of you who love PINK!

*one would think after one hundred posts I would be able to correctly post pics and text without the strange spacing....I guess it's still a work-in-progress.
* I'll pull a winner from people commenting on this post only. I will post the winner on Tuesday the 24th of March.