Sunday, March 22, 2009

Proud Mom

My twelve year old son was Daddy Warbucks in the Jr. version of Annie last week. The family watched while wiping tears of pride off our cheeks....

Bravo Everett! Bravo!

Magic in TV Land

I have always liked old Westerns, the sets were always great. Log cabins, Mom in the kitchen cooking something. Pretty Hollywood Western dresses, table clothes, and families together saying grace. Lots of enamelware, a dog...oh, and a rocker. I guess...I really loved them? One of my favorite shows was Big Valley. They were a rich Hollywood T.V. Western family. I always wanted to be Audra. She was perfect. Perfect hair, great makeup ( you know like all the cowgirls) and she had amazing clothes to be rescued in. Oh, and handsome guys around her all the time.

Here at HiHo we have one room that celebrates my love for things Western: the Homespun and Hearth Room. These shots are from the HiHo web site. I always try to offer unique old and new items with a Western flair.

This McCoy cookie jar is in perfect condition and will be sure to make any gal feel like a Hollywood Cowgirl when eating cookies from it!

Why not surround yourself with things that make you feel like a kid? Even if it's just a cookie...