Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Good Tired

I'm now working everyday from ten in the morning to eight at night. Now I know very often I work hours longer than that running the shop and then going to auction....not to mention pick up and drop off of kids, meals, laundry and just boring must dos. However, it's the time a year that the doors are open at HiHo for ten hours everyday. A special time of year.... yeah, yeah, Merry Christmas and all that, but the only time of year that I leave displays to sit for weeks. Not one room in transition, not one room being flipped or refreshed, just sell, sell, sell. Longer visits with customers and the feeling of a well planned project completed , at last. Some how the thought of working the shop for ten hours is not overwhelming and is energizing. It's the last weekend before Christmas, snow is pending, the stock levels are diminishing, customers are weary, I am just a good tired and ready to do it again tomorrow.