Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Not Telling!

Hmm, I guess when I receive a comment on a post that asks where I am, it's time to get blogging....I've been sneaking around in Christmas HiHo ;)
I am in the shop, drawing, planning and plotting, locations for Christmas trees in each of the rooms. Themes are secured in my mind and furniture staging to make room for the trees have begun. Making space for the trees is a must or we would only be able to fit one of Charlie's trees in.
Every year my goal is to top the displays from the year before and of course top the sales from the year before. Balancing between wanting over the top displays and realistic displays customers can relate to. Another conflict is the choices made between what I like and what will sell.....and of course what products have the HiHo look. Although I am slipping some pink Christmas in this year, my favorite. No I'm not going to reveal the themes we have chosen for this years Christmas magic. However I will say this, they are somewhere between over the top and just plain sweet ;)