Tuesday, November 18, 2008


On Tuesdays I try to get things done outside the shop while we are closed. Traditionally the antique shops in the area are all closed on Tuesdays. Throughout the year I use the day to get my hair done , have check-ups, do laundry, clean my home, take the dog to the vet, go to my son's football game and just plain get caught up. This time of year I try to retrieve new goodies for the shop on Tuesdays. Auctions can be very long and go very late, after long days at the shop I fatigue early in the evening. So I frequent a few favorite haunts making day trips trying to purchase replacement merchandise to keep things fresh and full during the peak season.

Today, Susan joined me on a trip upstate to one of my favored stomping grounds and we filled my "mommy van" to the ceiling with treasures. While traveling we past through a light snow flurry and reflected on the past week. ( I'm really delighted on how the shop was received over the open house week-end...thank you to all who attended.)Humphrey enjoyed the ride too, sleeping the entire way on Susan's lap. Our biggest and best purchase of the day, is a charming cottage dinning set...table with leaf and four chairs. The whole set is hand painted, clean and sturdy. As an extra bonus we also found an additional chair with birds adorning the top of it's back.

Hey! what's a holiday run for merchandise if you can't continue to buy Christmas treats? Pixies, a egg nog set, a winter scene paint by numbers, even a Santa on a birch log were all among the piles of newsprint wrapped finds that made the trip back to HiHo. A lovely day, with a lot to show for it. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as my batteries are charged....real life trips me up sometimes, sorry stay tuned.