Friday, August 14, 2009

Folded and Stacked

I have a thing for clean closets. I love the feeling one gets from knowing the sheets are folded and the towels are stacked. Linen closets are a display of work well done and serve as a place to showcase ones organization. I admit it, I sound nuts...I even organized my parents linen closet once, when visiting a few years back. My way of saying thanks for having us... So, it is not a surprise that when a reorder of quilted throws and pillows arrived this week, that I decided to turn a Hoosier into a linen closet of sorts. The throws are a great buy at $39.00 a piece and the pillows are only $14.00. This is a shot of the cutest bird cage/chandelier, it has a frosted glass bottom to throw light and two matching sconces. I was thrilled to win it at auction this past Monday. Have a wonderful weekend! Be sure to stop by soon, I'll be posting mid week about my adventures at the New York International Gift Show.