Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not Just a Regular Pink Saturday

This is what started as a regular Pink Saturday post. Photos of bunny golden books that we sell. With Easter only a day away I was going to focus my post on HiHo's baby room. Known as Highchairs and Hiccups, the baby room has a lot of the colors of Easter.Sweet pictures of pink quilted throws, backpacks and boxed toy tea sets.

I would tell you to click the Pink Saturday button in my side bar to visit more pinks and to meet Beverly. Post a few images to represent the Pink baby items in the shop and I would be done... Until... well, you see the story goes something like this...I have a very close friend who came home from out west. A blog friend to many of you.

She is home for Easter visiting her husband , dogs, my family and me too. The glasses are a clue to who this friend is... Humphrey spotted her first! He adores her... She loves this baby doll and had a hand in marking her price up high , so not to sell.( Her plan worked)

Claudia! Yup, pictured here with her two favorite baby's at HiHo.

See... now wasn't that better than a regular Pink Saturday? Claudia and I enjoy our time together, I'm so thankful she has been able to come home. It's only a short visit but at least we will have Easter together. Be sure to visit her at

Happy Pink Saturday!

A Grilling Display

Determined for the warm weather to arrive, I set up this fun patio grill display. The grill is a vintage 1960's piece. I'm sure used with much pride by it's previous owner.

Set on stone mats and surrounded with fun outdoor entertaining garb, the grill is great as a summer fixture in the shop. But you know I won't keep's priced to sell.Perfect for showing of our private label dressings, wooden handle serving utensils along with some gift baskets. I love the Patio Daddy-O book, it's full of great tips, recipes, but best of all vintage photo's of Dads grilling. The picnic basket has a full set of plastic dishes and flatware, and when it comes time for a quick clean up... Dad can use his handy dandy matching ash bucket!

How great would your Dad look flipping buns on this one?