Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Thanks to many HiHo friends and customers, HiHo has the title of
BEST GIFT SHOP in the Hudson Valley. A readers choice award that we are humbled by and very grateful for. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Tent Event 2009

It happened the weekend before last, one of the most exciting weekends of the year. Second only to our Holiday Open House. The tents went up on Friday and the event kicked off Saturday morning.
One side of HiHo had was our event and the other, was the Gardiner Library's Book Fair.We lined the street with Mums, making a safe walkway for visitors. Saturday morning was damp, a sprinkle or two, but the crowds came out in the afternoon.

The tents were filled with goodies. Vendors set up lovely booths and visited with HiHo customers.

It was fun to taste the honey, visit with friends and listen to the music.

Number one son, Everett, cooked and served up hot dogs for two days. Raising money for the library.

Jami, show cased art work representing peace, done by children from around the world.

Heather's, quilts was beautiful and the children's aprons were delightful.

Steph and Liz peddled hand crafted decorations for all seasons....when they were not buying books at the library tent.

A better view of the girls booth.

The bands were fantastic with energy a plenty performing for the crowds.
The majority of the pictures taken, are early morning shots before I got too busy being the hostess. I regret not getting a shot of musician Don Sparks on Sunday and a few of Aubrey singing with the band on Saturday. Although, those are the only regrets of that weekend....many thanks to all who joined in the fun. You all sounded and looked great!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Good Book and a Snack


A Few More New Things

Just a couple snap shots to get your interest....the bench would be great in a mud room or hall, the back is nice a straight.
This pair is so peaceful and has the look and feel of the Hudson Valley.
I posted this last shot because of the colors, but also to show Humphrey's love of the sun. Although he does look a bit annoyed with the furniture arrangement. ( "why do they move everything just when I figure out which chair gets the best light?")
Hope your enjoying the amazing weather!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Lied.

Yup, I lied.
I said I would post pictures of the rest of the kitchen/bedroom area....however it sold. The dresser,dressing table, mirror set and the hutch, sorry. I sorta wish, I had this problem more often. Don't worry I have some other goodies to share. I went to three auctions in ten days and look what I got!
a FABULOUS shabby table! a love seat as cute as a tuffet,SOLD

and a heart back ice cream chair with a velvet cushion.

Many, many other finds, and a millon things to much to post and so little stop by and take a look before more gets away.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Everything Was Coming Up Roses

An independent film crew took over the shop Sunday morning. They shot two scenes for, Anatomy of the Lonely, between seven and eleven in the morning (before the shop opened). Writer/Director; David Winkfield and Cinematographer; Christen Lesperance could not have been any nicer.They worked swiftly and professionally. Both scenes they shot in HiHo were to look like a floral shop. They first shot a scene upstairs in the landing, they filled the area with roses. It was a scene where a young man entered the flower shop and met a french girl, who helped him select some roses. They then completely took down everything they had set up and did a complete set up at the counter area downstairs. ( best lighting the shop has ever been seen in)Director, cinematographer, sound man, a production assistant and two actors worked tightly to create what will be a intimate private conversation between two people on film.
Rob Apuzzo, Sonaan Gray, David Winkfield, Christian Lesperance
and actors, Gabe Molar and Ann-Sophie
A full morning in the middle of a packed weekend. They finished in time. I opened the shop on time and they left me with hundreds of roses. Aubrey said it best, when she arrived at the shop and saw the roses. "they put you in such a great mood, the roses are wonderful."
Thanks to David, Christian and their crew for making the experience such a pleasure....and for the roses!! For more information about David go to

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Early Morning Thoughts

....or should I say ramblings?
It's a little chilly on this Sunday morning. I am held up in my shop office while a crew of young men are chatting above me on the second floor. They are setting up to shoot a scene for their film. A small independent film. They approached me about using the shop as the backdrop for two scenes, well and who I'm I to say no? The timing puts me at work at 7 AM on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Hmmmm, I should have planned this better.
The week has been filled with early mornings and late nights. I'm tired and typing on four and a half hours sleep. Did I say , I'm also optimistic about what the day will bring. It's going to be the most beautiful day. I have a full load of furniture in my truck and the traffic is already headed for the mountain. All good for business.
Sounds like the actors are starting to arrive....I am going to try to get pictures.
Have the most amazing holiday weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


....make for a great vegi sundae.
We have gone green. Using canned vegetables as the theme and backdrop for fun in the kitchen.
I decided I wouldn't share wide shots of the room, this way leaving a little mystery. Hopefully this will prompt a visit from you soon, to view all the Fall changes....
(For those of you who can't visit, don't worry I'll post the full room after the weekend, I'm not a meanie.)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Golden Fall Colors Arrive

Spent a full day in the shop on Tuesday, (my day off). I should just say the day the shop is closed to the public.....because it always seems to be open for me to work. ANYWAY.... I continued working on the transformation of the shop from Summer to Fall.We moved our food line upfront and used this great vintage fixture to showcase the relishes. These prints SOLD are not real old , but they are really cool. The burgundy desk is a nice size for a student. Lots more changes to come, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mixing & Shaking It Up!

Pushed forward with starting the Fall displays today. I'm really late in doing so, even the weather has been trying to remind me that Fall is on the way. With so much going on, Whitney leaving for school, Everett's birthday tomorrow (which is really today now), throwing myself into the world of social networking, auctions, and gearing up for HiHo's Fifth Annual Tent Event it's not a surprise that I looked around and it's September, or is it?? These are shots of my first attempts of Fall 2009. They were all taken in the main room/Headliner of HiHo. I decided to go with a honey theme in this room, using yellows and rich golds mixed with pops of black. I'm still waiting for knit throws in shades of oatmeal, ceramic kitty's and oodles of fun home accessories to arrive.
But I will be ready to unpack them and put them out in our fresh Fall displays when they arrive.....even if I have to do and all nighter next week.

I'm just so excited about this years Tent Event, I want the shop to look better than ever!