Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It's a snowy afternoon and as I force myself to take some down time, I began to browse the retail experts blogs. I find it relaxing and I have to sit to be at the computer. It's a resource I find inspiring at times. I had one expert ask where I find inspiration.....I listed magazines, trade shows, web sites but it all came down to this. I told her "Most importantly I surround myself with highly motivated creative people...friends, they are the best inspiration." Sometimes I'm surprised when I'm faced with the obvious. Wow,I am blessed to have so many inspiring people in my life. Thanks.

Dan Moves On

Some things in life are bitter sweet. Dan is the dealer that sells all the sports collectibles on the second floor. Last month he let me know he was going to move out of HiHo. He explained with family obligations his plate is very full. I was so sad to get the news, it's always nice when you can work with friends. Dan has a handyman and caretaker business which keeps him busy.
Yesterday he packed up his belongings and moved out. He assured me we will continue to see each other and do business together. (He did much of the construction in the Christmas Room) The vacant room is a reminder that everything changes.


I have new exciting plans for Dan's room. Some construction , some painting and a new member added to the HiHo family....Hows that for a tease?