Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Blog Hat

Like so many woman I know, I wear a number of hats and seem to constantly be putting on new ones. I have hats I wear everyday, like my "mom hat", the "wife hat", "shop owner hat", you get my gist and they fit really well. Seasonal hats are always overwhelming but fun and volunteer hats come and go. I even have been wearing a hat I hate lately, the one of a very concerned friend. However my newest hat might surprise you. I call it my "Rock&Roll Mom hat", it's a big one I didn't pick out. I'm still figuring out what it goes with. {My middle child, my daughter, Aubrey has been spreading her wings and singing with a band.}

I'm aware I haven't been wearing my "blog hat" nearly enough. I have so much to share about the shop, our small town and the family, that it has made it even harder to put it on. So much to write so little time. I will say my "fun friend hat" has gotten a work out too, new friends, time to nurture old friendships and just developing stronger ties. I'm really loving this hat right now.
The holiday season was wonderful at HiHo and at home. January brought an adventure to the AmericasMart Atlanta and the birth of yet another new venture. February has slipped through my figures as I prepare for the Spring changes on our sales floor and the end of another school year. I have tons to share and I promise to put my "blog hat" on more often.