Friday, May 8, 2009

Pink... With A Cherry On Top!

As I try to settle myself from a hectic day and edit the lists in my head that need to be done before tomorrow, I thought I would share pictures of pink cupcakes. The week has gone from relaxed to full blown crazy. I got back from a few days away with Mr. HiHo Weds. afternoon and jumped straight into final preparations for the Cupcake Festival. I have enjoyed working with our Hamlets small but optimistic group of retailers, they have made it easy to rally our community around the idea of the festival. Not all are pictured here but I think you can see they all have a cheery disposition. ( That's me in pink.)
I just finished frosting the final version of my Mocha Baileys Cupcakes. ( not as pretty as the cupcakes pictured here, but tasty) I have cut my last trim piece for edging on the tents going up in my parking lot tomorrow and still need to finish up some signage. So please forgive this short pink post. I will be sure to take lots of pictures tomorrow of this happy gang in action, listening to the bands, eating cupcakes, running the donkey rides, judging the bake off, detouring traffic, wine tasting and hopefully selling lots of goods from their shops!
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See you at the Cupcake Festival!