Saturday, April 18, 2009

The First Pink Lady of TV

I know who you mean...You know the rich lady who wears pink, whats her name?? She lived on a farm with all the funny men, you know?? Green Acres! She always wore big jewelry and a boa, I know...Zsa Zsa!! No it's her sister Eva, "darling". I found some great shots to share, I passed on the promotional pictures when she posed in green. (what were they thinking, green?) anyway enjoy.
I ran out of time or I would have pulled up a shot from a visit to the Love Boat, oh well and maybe that was Zsa Zsa anyway. This last shot of Eva is my favorite, nothing like a great black and white. I will let you imagine the dog and robe are pink...for more pink fun join Beverly at Pink Saturday by clicking on the picture in the side bar.

(a little Zsa Zsa, Eva want to be)

Happy Pink Saturday, Darling!