Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Four Auctions in One Week

I've been to four auctions in seven days...Saturday night was a good truck load. My husband was with me that evening which is always a treat, a driver, good company and a man to load the truck at midnight.( he even washed the truck before we left!)


A lot of times,Auctions can disappoint you. I go with the list in my head and often nothing fits with the list. That's where visiting with friends, Humphrey, my sketch book, food and retail catalogs come into play. A few auctions have amazing homemade food. ( I'll have to do a blog on that.) You have to sit for at least four hours at Auction even if you only for one thing. There is always the item you never saw during preview and the item you previewed and changed your mind about. Oh yes, I bring gloves for cold nights, a wrap for my legs, cell phone for texting, my box and bubble wrap for transporting purchased smalls, my camera...well my big bag of stuff. Blankets to wrap furniture are always waiting in the truck. Why am I sharing all this information with you? Just in case you were under the impression that I've been living the high life out late on the town four nights this week. HaHa Ha.... The shop is really coming along, mostly because of all the new goodies bought a auction. Thank God for my truck and cushions on the metal chairs at auctions. Oh yeah, and Richard.