Thursday, May 14, 2009

Get Excited!

Time to share some positive energy I collected this week. First, some background.... I sit on the board of my small town's business association. A optimistic, sometimes unruly group which meets once a month (to drink and eat) networking, organizing ways to promote business and support each other. This monthly gathering and brain storming has resulted in a web site, fun events that spotlight other non for profit groups and a pretty neat directory. We have over 140 members, a impressive size for our community. With press releases for events and generous donations, we have started a real buzz in our county. Soooo (sorry, I know I'm being long winded) I was asked to give a motivational talk in a neighboring town this past Tues. evening. I was asked to explain our groups history and inspire a like group to form in their town. A tall order. I am one to talk, OK... and talk, and talk, but not formally or to large groups. I spent much of Tuesday morning in a panic hunting down tidbits from my favorite on line haunts I had to be inspiring...and motivate? Pressure was on, close to fifty business owners had confirmed they were planning on attending. I was going to have to sell the rewards of volunteering to people who have no time, why did I say yes?
"are you proud of your business, your town, and your shopping area?" "do you shop across the street?" "how can you expect customers to shop local if your not?" I was off and running fueled with my Internet notes scribbled on Christmas card envelopes.( I didn't have any index cards) "Act, Dream, Plan and the hardest one Believe" "own the responsibility of your community's success" "you need to be thrilled to be doing business in your town"
YUP, I rocked the house! I even quoted a Motown lyric "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day" Did it work? I got an email today saying over a dozen people have signed up for another meeting. Best of all I have all my favorite inspiring quotes all in one place.(even if it's just on Christmas envelopes) It always feels good to wake up my Polly Anna. "harness the power of your enthusiasm for your business and share it with your town" I got myself excited!