Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Book Signing At HiHo

On Sept. 12th and 13th, author Anna Jane Grossman will be joining in the fun at HiHo's Fifth Annual Tent Event. She will be signing first editions of Obsolete, her new book.
Obsolete is a wonderful collection of things gone by. Like many of the items we sell at HiHo, items that have lots of personality and make us smile. Anna Jane is not only an author, she is also the daughter of a friend, a part time Gardiner local, a customer and now part of the extended HiHo family. The publishers description:
Contains essays and entries on more than 100 alphabetized fading subjects, including Blind Dates, Mix Tapes, Getting Lost, Porn Magazines, Looking Old, Operators, Camera Film, Hitchhiking, Body Hair, Writing Letters, Basketball Players in Short Shorts, Privacy, Cash, and, yes, Books. This ode to obsolescence also includes 25 quirky pen-and-ink line illustrations to further help us remember exactly what we’re missing.
Bla, Bla, Bla...I don't know how they made this little treasure of a book sound so dry. I think it's light, smart, funny and I even laughed out load when sharing it with family. Be sure to stop by anytime to take a peek at the book, it's fresh off the press and we have copies. For signed copies be sure to visit Anna Jane the weekend of Sept. 12th &13th here at HiHo.