Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grandpa's House

My Dad's home has a strong sense of style and I had never viewed it that way before. He is an artist and continues to work in his studio on canvases in oil {even in his 80's}. Landscapes mostly.
This past week Mr. HiHo and I took the kids and our daughter's boyfriend to visit...their grandparents. Their house in the city of Buffalo and the cottage in Canada. I took lots of vacation pictures of all of us having summer time fun and many are wonderful flattering shots of family...these are NOT those shots, sorry guys. These photos are the best shots of just a few of the paintings hanging in both homes. They have people in the photos to show the scale of the works and how they relate to the living space.This is Cory seated at the cottage with one of a series of light house paintings done about four years ago. Grandma was serving up a picnic dinner featuring the largest bowl of macaroni salad ever made, with a panting done of the cottage gardens most recently. Mr. HiHo enjoys his morning cup of coffee in front of a hay field painted in the 1960's.Everett lounging under a mixed media piece named the Delicatessen Window.This is one of my favorites and has always hung in my parents homes. Humphrey seems to like it too. I have always said surround yourself with the things you love and your house will become a home. As a child and young adult my parents homes always seemed unfinished, in need of decorating, I was wrong. Dad's art defines the spaces and makes it home. Break the rules and be passionate!