Wednesday, November 25, 2009

#5 Christmas Theme 2009

Gifts in Green. The plan..., show fun items being wrapped as gifts. A wrapping station all done in greens.
Use clean cardboard boxes with shred, use lots of curling ribbon and layer in even more green. Use everyday items like chairs, but hang on the wall to feature the boxes of gifts. I'm not sure where the idea for striping the wall in lights and fabric came from, but when the light bulb goes off, I usually just go with it. I ended up loving the effect.
Our little wrapping station has pickle ornaments and bubble night lights.
More boxes, wrapped this time as lifts for the trees and we wrapped ornaments ready for sale, that are displayed on the trees.
Sweet laser cut mirrored ornaments adorn the mushroom knobs on the dresser. Another room done for the holiday.